[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Windows 10 installation version (#613)

Marcus Edel notifications at github.com
Tue Apr 12 16:37:28 EDT 2016

As @rcurtin already pointed out you could take a look at the ```.appveyor.yml``` file, but I can guide you through the process if you like. Maybe you are able to join us on irc ```#mlpack```?

There are basically two ways, to get all the dependencies to build mlpack. The first way, is to manually build everything, that's what @stereomatchingkiss describes in his blog post. The second way, is to use NuGet, which is something like apt-get for debian. It makes things a lot easier and less time consuming.

e.g. by running the following commands you get all the necessary dependencies including OpenBLAS:

nuget install boost
nuget install boost_unit_test_framework-vc140
nuget install boost_program_options-vc140
nuget install boost_random-vc140
nuget install boost_serialization-vc140
nuget install boost_math_c99-vc140
nuget install OpenBLAS

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