[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Windows 10 installation version (#613)

stereomatchingkiss notifications at github.com
Tue Apr 12 16:20:48 EDT 2016

I wrote down the steps at [here](http://qtandopencv.blogspot.my/2015/09/deep-learning-04-compile-mlpack-1012-on.html), this compilation setup still work for me.

However, the information are outdated already, the compilation process could become easier. 

1 : Some of the dependencies should be able to omit, like libxml
2 : OpenBLAS and lapack, maybe you could download prebuild version(ps : I am not sure this could work)

If you find out better way, or part of the dependencies could be removed, some libs could use the prebuild version, please write it down on this post, thanks.

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