[UWAB] Meeting Tomorrow

Linda Huynh lhuynh at gatech.edu
Wed Oct 5 17:15:18 EDT 2011

Hello girls!

Thank you to all of you who came out to karaoke night.  I had a blast and
hope that everyone else did, too.  This is a reminder that we are having a
meeting tomorrow, *October 6th* *at 6:30pm in CoC 354*.  We will be breaking
out into groups to discuss the Great Pumpkin Festival.  We are also still
looking for logo submissions, so please feel free to submit any to me or
Alissa before *October 19th*.

Additionally, for those of you who wanted to participate in Team Buzz,
Women at CC has a group project at the  St. Vincent de Paul Society.  Our
access code is *w at cc*.  If you want to guarantee a spot with our group,
please sign up before *October 10th*.

Thanks, and I hope to see you all tomorrow.  We will be having yogurt
parfaits again, and with more yogurt this time!

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