[UWAB] Another FAB Meeting

Kathy Pham gtg057s at mail.gatech.edu
Thu Oct 20 15:28:37 EDT 2005

Hey guys!

11 Days til Party time!

Next meeting: TUESDAY OCTOBER 25- Chalking, gathering Prof responses, 
    make sure we have everything together.

What we have:
Extra money in the budget, paint for facepainting, lots of decorations, 
little toys to give out, some candy.

What we need:
1. Responses from Professors (Please casually mention the invitations to 
your CS profs)
2. Food for Bake Sale (this is part of responses from professors, but we 
can bake also!)
3. Chalking NEXT TUESDAY OCTOBER 25th 11-12!!!
4. Halloween Music
5. Raffle Tickets for the BIG Prize (Nano).
6. Buy small raffle tickets
7. Bean Bag Toss Game!

Please keep an eye out for halloween music. Anything similar to Laura's 
"oOooooOOoOoooo" will be good.

Have a great rest of Thursday!

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