[robocup-nao] Dutch Nao Team, Code Release

Duncan ten Velthuis bordbonen at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 12:08:47 EDT 2011

Dear All,

The Dutch Nao Team is proud to present our team report and the release of
our code used at the Robocup 2011!
Our code is written in Python and as far as we know, we are the only team to
do this.
You are welcome to try it and use it for next year's Robocup (for terms see
our website). And we encourage all teams to release their code, because it
will benefit our competition.

The release is a cleaned up version off our code in Istanbul and in the
paper you will find a install guide and our explanation of the code. Our
code is put under a fair use licences and we hope that everyone that makes
use of it, to make a reference to our paper.

We are also in the progress of building our own test suite, for everyone
who's interested in this should contact us and we will be happy to share it
when its done.

We are a new team so this is the start of our tradition, to annual share our
code with everyone. We really enjoyed RoboCup 2011 and hope to see everyone
again in Mexico.


Dutch Nao Team


Duncan ten Velthuis
Coordinator, Dutch Nao Team
duncan.tenvelthuis at student.uva.nl
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