[robocup-nao] Maintenance/repair for qualified teams

Maximilien Hunter mhunter at aldebaran-robotics.com
Wed Jun 8 08:35:15 EDT 2011

Dear All,

As with all previous years, we'd like to announce that, as of the end of
this week, we will no longer be issuing any new return forms for RoboCup
robots belonging to qualified teams until after the competition. Taking into
account shipping delays, we can't guarantee to have your robot repaired and
back in your hands in time for the competition itself.

We will, of course, be able to repair any problems in the first few days of
the RoboCup, as there'll be a large "NAO Clinic" onsite with technicians and
spare parts to repair the vast majority of common problems. (It would still
be much appreciated if you could send us a list of any problems your NAOs
might have by the end of this month, using the *Support -> Contact
Support*link on the Users
website <http://users.aldebaran-robotics.com>, so we can plan accordingly).

Best wishes, and good luck for Istanbul!

Max Hunter
Customer Support
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