[robocup-nao] Building packages for Nao and OpenEmbedded

Carlos Agüero caguero at gsyc.es
Sun Mar 20 11:11:39 EDT 2011

Dear  RoboCuppers,

Jayen Ashar (rUNSWIft) and me (SpiTeam) have jointly worked on a
document[1] for helping to compile a package for the current Nao
environment based on OpenEmbedded. Take this tutorial as a preliminary
guide and not as an official instruction manual. We hope that helps
until Aldebaran change to Gentoo.

Carlos Agüero

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1nqpINoN0nzN1ilghCqpKBorFgqHkWf4mnoDuqgrmY3g

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