[robocup-nao] Upcoming embedded distribution change

Maximilien Hunter mhunter at aldebaran-robotics.com
Fri Feb 25 11:20:09 EST 2011


Just a quick heads-up to say that we're planning to change the embedded
distribution on the NAO OS image in a future major release. We're moving
from OpenEmbedded (which we use currently) to Gentoo - the vast majority of
you won't even notice this change, as pretty much everything will remain
identical, but the internal methodology for installing software will be
changing completely.

There's a strong chance this won't be released before the 2011 RoboCup - the
build will have to undergo a long and rigorous testing cycle before public
release – so this may have more of an effect for some of you in the 2012


*Max Hunter*
Customer Support
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