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                   RoboCup German Open 2011

                   Call for Participation


                  31 March – 3 April 2011
                  MESSE MAGDEBURG, Germany

The RoboCup German Open 2011 will be the tenth open RoboCup
competition held in Germany. The event will take place in Magdeburg

-- RoboCup Major Leagues  -------------------------------------------

Competitions will be held in the following leagues:

- RoboCupSoccer Middle-Size League
- RoboCupSoccer Small-Size League
- RoboCupSoccer Standard Platform League
- RoboCupSoccer Humanoid League
- RoboCupSoccer Simulation 2D League
- RoboCupSoccer Simulation 3D League
- RoboCupRescue Robot League
- RoboCup at Home League
- FESTO Competition

Registration starts 17 December 2010, the deadline is
*** 15 January 2011 ***. Visit http://www.robocupgermanopen.de to
register your RoboCup Major league team. Details on the registration
(fee, accomodation, rules) are avaible on the web site. Booking of
blocked accommodation is possible during registration.

-- RoboCupJunior ----------------------------------------------------

The German RoboCupJunior qualification for RoboCup 2011 is the
RoboCupJunior competition held in Magdeburg. The registration
starts 17 December 2010, the deadline is *** 15 January 2011 ***.

You may contact the organisation team at info at robocupgermanopen.de
for individual questions.

See you all again at the 10th RoboCup German Open 2011!

Best regards,

Ansgar Bredenfeld
(Chair RoboCup German Open)

The Organising Committee
Oliver Zweigle (Middle-Size)
Tim Laue (Small Size)
Thomas Röfer (Standard Platform)
Sven Behnke (Humanoid)
Simon Raffeiner (Simulation 2D)
Klaus Dorer (Simulation 3D)
Johannes Pellenz, Adam Jacoff (RoboCupRescue Robot)
Paul Plöger (RoboCup at Home)
Christian Deppe (FESTO competition)
Manuela Kanneberg (RoboCupJunior Rescue)
Anja Tempelhoff (RoboCupJunior Dance)
Johannes Klotz (RoboCupJunior Soccer)

The Organising Committee is supported by students and volunteers of
the University of Magdeburg.

German Open 2011 is a cooperation of the German RoboCup Committee
with Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg and the University of Magdeburg.

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