[robocup-humanoid] Qualification Results for RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven

Luis F Lupián lupianl at ieee.org
Tue Feb 19 18:40:22 EST 2013

Dear Humanoid League Teams,

the qualification results for RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven are now available
online at


This year there were 45 applications (31 for KidSize, 7 for TeenSize and 7
for AdultSize). For each application the qualification material was
carefully reviewed by several members of the technical committee and rated
according to the criteria announced in the call for participation, cf.

KidSize Qualification

As in previous years, KidSize applications exceeded the available 24 slots.
After review of each submission, 31 teams were considered for qualification
and ranked based on the quality of their submission and the qualification
criteria. After a vote of the entire Technical Committee, 5 teams were
selected for participation in the technical challenges and as runner-ups,
and the other 24 teams for full participation in the competition.

Runner-up teams are qualified for participation in the technical
challenges. Also in case one or several of the 24 fully qualified teams
withdraw later on, they will then replace them in the 3-vs-3 soccer

TeenSize Qualification

The TC members decided to qualify 6 out of 7 applications.

AdultSize Qualification

The TC members decided to qualify 6 out of 7 applications.

Robot inspection

All teams should be aware that the feasibility of a robot according to the
rules will, as always, be inspected onsite during the set-up days of the
competition. Please refer to the updated rules at
http://www.tzi.de/humanoidfor this year's requirements of your
humanoid robots. It must be stressed
that rules pertaining to the body-plan of the robot apply equally to robots
designed and built by team members as well as commercially available robots.

Referee Duties

All teams are reminded that it is their responsibility to provide at least
one team member to perform the role of referee during the competition.
Although a brief referee training will be held at the competition your
referee(s) are expected to have studied the updated rules for 2013 and do
some training on their own before coming to Eindhoven.

Also, the Call for Participation required every team to include a clear
statement of commitment indicating that they would provide a referee. Some
teams failed to include this statement. If you are in that case you will be
contacted shortly to request such statement and complete the formality.

Official letters of qualification

Official letters of qualification will be e-mailed to team leaders shortly.
All qualified teams are expected to submit an e-mail confirming their
commitment to participate as soon as they have confirmed their funding. A
deadline for this will be provided in your letter.

Editorial process

Team description papers (TDPs) of all teams will be included in the
proceedings DVD of RoboCup 2013 Symposium if (and only if) it is in LNCS
standard and of 8 pages maximum, see
http://www.tzi.de/humanoid/bin/view/Website/Call2013, and the comments from
the review by the TC members are considered. Teamleaders will be contacted
shortly by the TC with details about any necessary changes to your TDP.

We are looking forward to meeting you at an exciting RoboCup 2013 in
Eindhoven, The Netherlands!

With our best regards,
The Humanoid League Technical Committee
(Carlos, Daniel, Jacky, Luis, Marcell, Pieter, Sven)

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