[robocup-humanoid] Referee Box / Game Controller

Oskar von Stryk stryk at sim.tu-darmstadt.de
Sat Dec 12 11:34:51 EST 2009

Dear Humanoid League Teams,

On Tue, 22 Sep 2009, Jacky Baltes wrote:
> Refereebox:
> -----------
> To encourage teams to use the refereebox, the discussion was to give a
> 10s advantage to teams that use the refereebox [vote: 7/3].

Please note that the referee box / game controller is available
(since March 2009) from


There you can find an SVN repository and
- complete source code,
- binaries, and
- documentation.

Special thanks go to Sebastian Petters and Tekin Mericli!

For discussion of or contributions to the software please use
the possibilities offered by SourceForge, or contact the
two project admins directly, or use the mailing list.

With best regards,
Oskar von Stryk

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