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Sun Sep 25 11:49:31 EDT 2016

lozhnikov commented on this pull request.

I've taken a quick look at the code. The code looks fine except two very minor issues. I'll look more thoroughly later.

> +    const VecType& point,
+    typename boost::enable_if<IsVector<VecType>>::type*) const
+  return bound.RangeDistance(point);
+//! Serialize the tree.
+template<typename MetricType, typename StatisticType, typename MatType>
+template<typename Archive>
+void Octree<MetricType, StatisticType, MatType>::Serialize(
+    Archive& ar,
+    const unsigned int /* version */)
+  using data::CreateNVP;
+  // 

It seems you have forgotten to remove `//`:)

> +template<typename MetricType, typename StatisticType, typename MatType>
+void Octree<MetricType, StatisticType, MatType>::SplitNode(
+    const arma::vec& center,
+    const double width,
+    const size_t maxLeafSize)
+  // No need to split if we have fewer than the maximum number of points in this
+  // node.
+  if (count <= maxLeafSize)
+    return;
+  // We must split the dataset by sequentially creating each of the children.
+  // We do this in two steps: first we make a pass to count the number of points
+  // that will fall into each child; then in the second pass we rearrange the
+  // points and create the children.
+  arma::Col<size_t> childCounts(std::pow(2, dataset->n_rows),

I think that `((size_t) 2) << dataset->n_rows` is better than `std::pow()`, how do you think?

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