[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Use move semantics to set a given reference tree in NeighborSearch class. (#765)

MarcosPividori notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 18 19:47:47 EDT 2016

I moved into a new branch, and I didn't realize this would close the PR. The previous PR was https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/pull/743.
At this point everything is ready to merge. The only problem is that many warnings are shown when compiling because many methods use the deprecated constructors, passing a pointer to the reference tree.
It would take some time to update all that parts of the code.
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Documentation details.
  * Add move constructor for cover tree.
  * Update kfn test to use rvalue references.
  * Add support for rvalue references when setting a given reference tree in
  * Update knn test to use rvalue references.
  * Fix error in BinarySearchTree move constructor.
  * Add a new TreeTraits's member: HasDuplicatedPoints.
  * Add support for copying the reference tree in NeighborSearch class.
  * Properly set oldFromNewReferences when providing a custom reference tree.
  * Remove unnecessary friendship.
  * Update tests to set oldFromNewReferences.
  * Add DEPRECATED macro.
  * Mark constructor and Train() method taking a pointer to the reference Tree as deprecated.
  * Remove unnecessary forward declaration.

-- File Changes --

    M src/mlpack/core.hpp (1)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/binary_space_tree/binary_space_tree_impl.hpp (6)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/binary_space_tree/traits.hpp (8)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/cover_tree/cover_tree.hpp (8)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/cover_tree/cover_tree_impl.hpp (40)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/cover_tree/traits.hpp (6)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/rectangle_tree/traits.hpp (10)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/tree_traits.hpp (5)
    M src/mlpack/core/util/CMakeLists.txt (1)
    A src/mlpack/core/util/deprecated.hpp (19)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/neighbor_search.hpp (127)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/neighbor_search_impl.hpp (106)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/ns_model_impl.hpp (16)
    M src/mlpack/tests/akfn_test.cpp (10)
    M src/mlpack/tests/aknn_test.cpp (13)
    M src/mlpack/tests/kfn_test.cpp (487)
    M src/mlpack/tests/knn_test.cpp (525)

-- Patch Links --


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