[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Spill trees (#747)

MarcosPividori notifications at github.com
Wed Aug 17 02:51:46 EDT 2016

> +#include <mlpack/core.hpp>
> +
> +#include "spill_tree.hpp"
> +
> +namespace mlpack {
> +namespace tree {
> +
> +template<typename MetricType,
> +         typename StatisticType,
> +         typename MatType,
> +         template<typename HyperplaneMetricType> class HyperplaneType,
> +         template<typename SplitMetricType, typename SplitMatType>
> +             class SplitType>
> +template<typename RuleType>
> +class SpillTree<MetricType, StatisticType, MatType, HyperplaneType, SplitType>::
> +    SingleTreeTraverser

Hi @rcurtin,
Thanks for your comments, I agree!
I have modified the SpillTree's Traversers. Now they take a template boolean parameter `Defeatist`, that determines if the traverser must consider defeatist search on overlapping nodes. In the commits:

So, for `SpillTrees`, I provide 4 tree traversers:
+`SingleTreeTraverser`   implements a normal single tree traverser.
+`DualTreeTraverser`   implements a normal dual tree traverser.
+`DefeatistSingleTreeTraverser`   does defeatist search on overlapping nodes.
+`DefeatistDualTreeTraverser`   does defeatist serach on overlapping node.

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