[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] KathirvalavakumarSubavathi initialization test (#414)

vasanth kalingeri notifications at github.com
Fri Apr 15 01:16:52 EDT 2016

Then I guess we have a lot of duplicate work done already, currently I have posted the code for iris and two spirals. I will push the code I have with the other tests as well. 

Can you post your code as well ? it's much better to just pick parts from each other's code that will make everything more efficient and neat.

Yes in tests, rmsprop did give the least errors.

Are you referring to the bias node x0 in the input layer ? I have added the bias node as well, it still has an error. And I didn't quite understand what you meant by  the hidden layer part.

Collaborating together on this will fix it very soon especially since we both have the same error. Knowing that you are facing the same logic error gives me confidence that the problem lies only in the network portion of the code.

I have project review and cycle tests going on till the next week, but I can still work on it. Please post your progress so we prevent duplicate effort.

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