[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] KathirvalavakumarSubavathi initialization test (#414)

Praveen Ch notifications at github.com
Fri Apr 15 00:41:15 EDT 2016

Hi @vasanthkalingeri , I was working on this in sync with the comments here from the very beginning. The only reason I didn't post here was that all the problems which I had were already mentioned and solved by Marcus.

Anyways, I too had the same doubt regarding RMSProp. I had asked @zoq about the same on IRC. He said that according to him RMSProp would work better than the optimization which is given in the paper. So I guess doubting on optimization wouldn't lead us anywhere.

I think the problem lies here. If you read the paper, there is a line which states that an input node x0 in addition to the input activations which should always be 1. also one node in the hidden layer is required to be active throughout. This is my thought after going through the paper again.

Anyways, let's collaborate on this and get this thing fixed. Tell me about your time restrictions so we could plan accordingly. what say?

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