[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Windows 10 installation version (#613)

Marcus Edel notifications at github.com
Tue Apr 12 18:18:16 EDT 2016

Okay, good to know that! I don't use the cmake gui, but the gui should also work just fine.

MSVC10 OR MSVC11 OR MSVC12 are the versions that comes with C++11 features. But, I'm almost sure, you need at least MSVC14 which is the latest VC++ version to build the master branch.

So, here is the problem, we changed the CXX11.cmake file some days ago to support MSVC14. Here is the updated file: https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/blob/master/CMake/CXX11.cmake

Also, don't worry about Backtrace, it's only supported on linux, just ignore the warning.

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