[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] link error: undefined reference to `arma::is_Mat_fixed_only (#606)

shvikeray-gelo notifications at github.com
Sat Apr 9 01:05:06 EDT 2016

Another main description in the first line is

CMakeFiles/mlpack_test.dir/sdp_primal_dual_test.cpp.o: In function arma::eGlue<**...**>::elem_type arma::op_dot::apply<**...**>(arma::eGlue<**...**> const&, arma::eGlue<**...**> const&)

I use "..." to omit template argument, we can know the function arma::op_dot::apply reference  to arma::is_Mat_fixed_only,  arma::op_dot::apply not in the sdp_primal_dual_test.cpp, but op_dot_meat.hpp, and sdp_primal_dual_test.cpp seems to be no place to use arma::op_dot::apply.

The is_Mat_fixed_only is defined in /armadillo_bits/traits.hpp, and op_dot_meat.hpp:215 use the is_Mat<T1>::value is reference to is_Mat_fixed_only.

What is the relationship between sdp_primal_dual_test.cpp and  arma::op_dot::apply?

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