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#163: Decide on "basic type" of observation for MLPACK
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  Priority:  blocker                  |    Milestone:  MLPACK 1.0
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Comment (by rcurtin):

 There's definitely not time to abstract away the matrix library, but I
 disagree with that idea anyway.  One main reason for removing the old
 GenMatrix and GenVector classes was reducing our own maintenance load, and
 adding even just wrappers around other matrix types is more code we have
 to maintain.  That load also includes the documentation load.

 Writing a wrapper might be hard, too, because the way things are done in
 each library are different.  I think the better solution is, if we find a
 potential library we want to switch to, find an undergrad who wants some
 "research" to do and make them a branch to work in.

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