[ipre-announce] IPRE announces availability of instructional robot platform

Tucker Balch tucker.balch at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Mar 13 00:58:14 EDT 2008


Dear Colleague,

We're pleased to let you know that the robot platform we developed for 
CS-1 instruction is now available for purchase.

The $149.95 platform includes a Parallax Scribbler robot, with an add on 
board developed at Georgia Tech.  The complete diff-drive robot then 
includes: a color camera, bluetooth connectivity, a speaker, light 
sensors, and line sensors.

The robot can be controlled and programmed from a PC in Python using the 
Myro package developed at Bryn Mawr (included with the robot).

It is all part of our new curriculum for CS-1 centered on a robot 
context.  The new textbook is also available online at our website.

best regards,


Tucker Balch, Associate Professor, Interactive Computing
Director, Institute for Personal Robots in Education
Georgia Institute of Technology

phone: +1 404 385-2861 phax: +1 404 601-3185

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