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    The raffle tickets for the nano have been made and are in Maureens office, Please go by and grab some and start sellign them to anyone who will buy them. The price is $2 a piece or 3 for $5. If we can, I think we should set up a table in the commons area or something to sell them since weonly have a few days. When are people available to be there if we do this?  Today? Tomorrow? Can we please send out an email to the students about our Fall-oween Party so they know about it? Something like what's below, but with more spookiness. And one last request... can we go ahead and decorate the Commons with Anne's fancy paper on Thursday evening so people will see it before Monday and think about it?


    The student organization of the College of Computing are hosting a Halloween Party/Fall Festival on Monday, October 31 from 4 - 7 in the stundent commons area. There will be games to play for a chance to win prizes or raffle tickets for gift certificates and prizes. Anyone wearing a costumes recieves a ticket for this raffle. We will also be raffling off a 4 GB iPod nano. Tickets for this raffle can be purchased at the price of $2 a piece or 3 tickets for $5. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. We will be selling them _________ at ______. The best costume will win a free raffle ticket for the nano. 


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