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Eighth IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications

PerCom 2010
Mannheim, Germany
March 29 – April 2, 2010

Sponsored by: IEEE Computer Society, The University of Texas at Arlington

Technically co-sponsored by: IEEE TCCC, IEEE TCPP
Industry Sponsors: Google, IBM Research, Nokia, NEC
Other Sponsors: The Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal (ELSEVIER)

*** Early Registration Deadline: February 25, 2010 ***


Main Features:

*** Two keynote speeches

*** 26 Full Papers and 2 Concise Contributions

*** Thought Provoking Panel

*** Best Papers Session

*** Work-in-Progress Session

*** Demonstration Session

*** PhD Forum

*** 15 Workshops


Preliminary Program Outline

March 29: Pre-conference Workshops
March 30 - April 1: Main Conference
March 31: Conference Banquet
April 2: Post Conference Workshops

Keynote Speakers:

- Kurt Rothermel (Universität Stuttgart, Germany)

- Pertti Huuskonen (Nokia Research Center, Finland)

List of Accepted Papers


Andrew Colin Rice, Simon Hay, “Decomposing Power Measurements for Mobile 
Devices”(University of Cambridge, UK)

Hua Qin, Zi Li, Yanfei Wang, Xuejia Lu, Guiling Wang, Wensheng Zhang, “An
Integrated Network of Roadside Sensors and Vehicles for Driving Safety:
Concept, Design and Experiments” (Iowa State University, US)

Justin Mazzola Paluska, Hubert Pham, “Interactive Streaming of Structured
Data” (MIT, US)

Ulrich Steinhoff, Bernt Schiele, “Dead Reckoning from the Pocket - An 
Experimental Study” (TU Darmstadt, DE)

Lv Mingqi, Ling Chen, Gencai Chen, ”Where you go and how you go: Mining to
predict destination and future route” (Zhejiang University, CN)

Xunteng XU, Lin Gu, Jianping Wang, Guoliang Xing, “Negotiate Power and
Performance in the Reality of RFID Systems” (City University of Hong Kong,
HK, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK, Michigan State
University, US)*

Juong-Sik Lee, Baik Hoh, “Sell Your Experiences: A Market Mechanism based
Incentive for Participatory Sensing” (Nokia Research Center, US)

Paolo Medagliani, Jeremie Leguay, Gay, Mario Lopez-Ramos, Gianluigi
Ferrari, “Engineering Energy-Efficient Target Detection Applications in
Wireless Sensor Networks” (University of Parma, IT, Thales Communications
France, FR)*
Shinichi Minamimoto, Sae Fujii, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Teruo Higashino, “Local
Map Generation using Position and Communication History of Mobile
Nodes” (Osaka University, JP) 

Aleksandar Matic, Andrei Papliatseyeu, Venet Osmani, Oscar Mayora, “Tuning
to Your Position: FM radio based Indoor Localization with Spontaneous
Recalibration” (CreateNet, IT)

Mads D Kristensen, “Scavenger -- Transparent Development of Efficient Cyber
Foraging Applications” (Aarhus University, DK)

Mirco Rossi, Oliver Amft, Martin Kusserow, Gerhard Tröster, “Collaborative
Real-Time Speaker Identification for Wearable Systems” (ETH Zurich, CH, TU
Eindhoven, NL) 

Dae-Ki Cho, Min Mun, Uichin Lee, Mario Gerla, “AutoGait: A Mobile Platform
that Accurately Estimates the Distance Walked” (University of California at
Los Angeles, US)

Seungwoo Kang, Chulhong Min, Younghyun Ju, Youngki Lee, Taiwoo Park, Jinwon
Lee, Yunseok Rhee, Junehwa Song, “Orchestrator: A Holistic and Adaptive
Resource Orchestration Framework for Mobile Context Monitoring in Sensor
rich Mobile Environments” (KAIST, KR)*

Zhiwen Yu, Zhiyong Yu, Hideki Aoyama, Motoyuki Ozeki, Yuichi Nakamura,
“Capture, Recognition, and Visualization of Human Semantic Interactions in
Meetings” (Northwestern Polytechnical University, CN, Kyoto University, JP,
Kyoto Institute of Technology, JP)

Hua-Yan Wang, Vincent Wenchen Zheng, Junhui Zhao, Qiang Yang, “Indoor
Localization in Multi-Floor Environments with Reduced Effort” (Stanford
University, US, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK, NEC
Labs, CN) 

Matthias Kranz, Carl Fischer, Albrecht Schmidt, “A Comparative Study of
DECT and WLAN Signals for Indoor Localization” (Technische Universität
München, DE, Lancaster University, UK, University of Duisburg-Essen, DE) 

Atanu Roy Chowdhury, Ben Falchuk, Archan Misra, “MediAlly: A Provenance
Aware Remote Health Monitoring Middleware” (Harvard University, US,
Telcordia Technologies, US). 

Marten Pijl, Steven van de Par, Caifeng Shan, “An Event-based Approach to
Multi-modal Activity Modeling and Recognition” (Philips Research, NL) 

Mikko J. Pitkanen, Teemu Kärkkäinen, Joerg Ott, “Opportunistic Web Access
via WLAN Hotspots” (Helsinki Institute of Physics, FI, Helsinki University
of Technology, FI)

Thadpong Pongthawornkamol, Shameem Ahmed, Akira Uchiyama, Klara Nahrstedt,
“Zero-knowledge Real-time Indoor Tracking via Outdoor Wireless Directional
Antennas” (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US)

Vasanth Rajamani, Christine Julien, “Blurring Snapshots: Temporal Inference
of Missing and Uncertain Data” (University of Texas, Austin, US)

Lisa Ollinger, “Product-Mediated Communication through Digital Object
Memories in Heterogeneous Value Chains” (Technical University of
Kaiserslautern, DE)

Tahiry Razafindralambo, Nathalie Mitton, Aline Carneiro Viana, Marcelo Dias
de Amorim, Katia Obraczka, “Adaptive Deployment for Pervasive Data
Gathering in Connectivity-Challenged Environments” (INRIA, FR, UPMC Paris
Universitas, FR, University of California, Santa Cruz, US)

Hubert Pham, Justin Mazzola Paluska, “PerViz: Painkillers for Pervasive
Application Debugging” (MIT, US)*

Lu Han, Stephen Smaldone, Pravin Shankar, James Boyce, Liviu Iftode, “Ad
hoc Voice-based Group Communication” (Rutgers University, US)


Bo Ding, Huai-min Wang, Dian-xi Shi, Jiannong Cao, “Enabling Unanticipated
Adaptation with Architecture-Centric Framework” (National University of
Defense Technology, CN, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK)

Geert Vanderhulst, Kris Luyten, Karin Coninx, “Pervasive Maps: Explore and
Interact with Pervasive Environments” (Hasselt University, BE)*

(*) This paper is currently in the shepherding phase.

List of PerCom 2010 Workshops

IEEE PerCom Workshop on Context Modeling and Reasoning (CoMoRea '10) 
URL: http://www.nexus.uni-stuttgart.de/COMOREA 

International Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services
(MUCS 2010) URL: http://ubiquitous-management.org/mucs/index.html

IEEE PerCom Workshop on Smart Environments (SmartE 2010)
URL: http://smarte.eecs.wsu.edu 

IEEE International Workshop on PervasivE Learning (PerEL 2010)
URL: http://wwwra.informatik.uni-rostock.de/perel2010/

IEEE International Workshop on Sensor Networks and Systems for Pervasive
Computing (PerSeNS 2010) URL: http://www2.ing.unipi.it/persens/

IEEE Middleware Support for Pervasive Computing Workshop 2010 (PerWare
2010) URL: http://perware.uni-mannheim.de

Pervasive Networks for Emergency Management (PerNEM 2010)
URL: http://san.ee.ic.ac.uk/pernem2010/

SECurity and SOCial Networking (SESOC 2010)
URL: http://www.sesoc.org

International Workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2010)
URL: http://www.webofthings.com/wot/ 

International Workshop on Mobile Peer-to-Peer Computing (MP2P 2010) 
URL: http://mpclab.ce.ncu.edu.tw/mp2p2010/ 

IEEE PerCom Workshop on Pervasive Healthcare (PerHealth 2010)
URL: http://cnd.iit.cnr.it/perhealth2010

Workshop on Communication, Collaboration and Social Networking in Pervasive
Computing Environments (PerCol 2010) URL: http://www1.inf.tu-dresden.de/~ts2/PerCol/

IEEE Workshop on Pervasive Wireless Networking (PWN10)
URL: http://academic.csuohio.edu/yuc/PWN10/ 

International Workshop on Information Quality and Quality of Service for
Pervasive Computing (IQ2S 2010) URL: http://www.iq2s.org 

Dynamic Reconfigurable Computing Systems for Pervasive Computing
Environments (PerDRCS 2010) URL: http://www.perdrcs.info/


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