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*IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Parallel Processing (TCPP)*

*Nov 2008 Newsletter*


*Table of Contents:*

Message from Chair
      Upcoming TCPP Related Events
      Call for Student Papers and Award Applications
      Call for Conference Papers
      Call for Journal Article
      Call for Participation
      Call for Proposals


Open Positions


Dear TCPP member,

Welcome to the November newsletter!   There is still time to submit papers
for several IPDPS-09 workshops to be held in Rome.  Check out the deadlines

I encourage PhD students to submit their 4-page proposals by Dec 15 for TCPP
PhD forum to be held at IPDPS-09.

TCPP will be awarding several travel grants to top student applicants who
either have an acceptance in TCPP PhD fourm or in IPDPS-09 main conference
or a workshop.   Be on look out for the application form on TCPP website.

Here are additional updates on the TCPP related conferences followed by
CFPs, etc.   Submit yours to tcpp-announce at cc.gatech.edu.


Sushil K. Prasad

TCPP Chair

Upcoming TCPP Related Events

*ICPADS 2008:** 14th Intl. Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems *

Dec 8-10, Melbourne, Australia


ICPADS provides an international forum for scientists, engineers, and users
to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and latest research
results on all aspects of parallel and distributed systems.

*HiPC-08:** Intl. Conference on High Performance Computing *

Dec 17-20, 2008 Bangalore, India


The 15th meeting will have 46 contributed papers, four keynotes, two
tutorials and five workshops.

November 16, 2008 - Advance Registration Deadline

* *

*IPDPS-09:** 23rd IEEE Intl Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium*

May 25-29, 2009

Rome, Italy


IPDPS serves as a forum for engineers and scientists from around the world
to present their latest research findings in the fields of parallel
processing and distributed computing. Join us in the city of Rome to enjoy a
favorite tourist destination and take part in the 23rd year of IPDPS. The
five-day program will follow the usual format of contributed papers, invited
speakers, panels, tutorials, and commercial participation mid week, framed
by workshops held on the first and last days. For details and updates,
revisit the IPDPS Website or contact us at info at ipdps.org.

23 Workshops Planned for IPDPS 2009 in Rome

TCPP PhD Forum 2009 Proposals Due : Dec 15, 2008

*PerCom-09:** Seventh Annual IEEE Intl Conf on Pervasive Computing and
Communications *

March 9-13, 2009 Galveston, Texas


The sixth edition of IEEE's premier international conference on pervasive
computing and communications, PerComm 2008 was held in Hong Kong.  The
conference comprising high quality technical sessions (19 full and 6 short
papers), 2 keynote speeches, one panel, a PhD forum, 10 popular workshops,
live demonstrations and work-in-progress posters, was attended by about 230
researchers from all over the world.
Call for Student Papers and Award Applications

Dec 15, 2008
TCPP PhD Forum at IPDPS-09
Held in conjunction with IPDPS-09: 23rd IEEE Intl Parallel and Distributed
Processing Symposium, May 25-29, 2009, Rome, Italy

NEW Feb 20, 2009

Service Cup 2009

Call for Conference Papers

Dec 1, 2008

*HPGC '09:* The Sixth High-Performance Grid Computing Workshop

May 25, 2009, Rome, Italy


NEW Dec 8, 2008

*CAC'09:* The Workshop on Communication Architecture for Clusters

In conjunction with IPDPS 2009


NEW Dec 12, 2008

*HCW '09*: 18th International Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop

May 25, 2009 in conjunction with IPDPS 2009 (www.ipdps.org)

Rome, Italy

December 12, 2008

*NIDISC'09:* The 12th International Workshop on Nature Inspired Distributed

Held in conjunction with IPDPS 2009

http://www.lifl.fr/~talbi/nidisc <http://www.lifl.fr/%7Etalbi/nidisc>

NEW December 13, 2008

WHTRA: First International Workshop on HyperTransport Research and

December 14, 2008

IWOMP'09: International Workshop on OpenMP

June 3rd - June 5th, 2009, Dresden, Germany


NEW Dec 15, 2008

The Fifth International Workshop on High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing

In conjunction with IPDPS 2009


NEW Dec 19, 2008

CAECW-12: The Eleventh Workshop on Computer Architecture Evaluation using
Commercial Workloads


NEW Dec 20, 2008

Workshop on Using Emerging Parallel Architectures for Computational Science

In conjunction with ICCS 2009


December 21, 2008

*MTAAP'09:* Workshop on Multithreaded Architectures and Applications

held in conjunction with IPDPS 2009


NEW December 24, 2008

*SMTPS'09:* The Fifth International Workshop on System Management
Techniques, Processes, and Services

Held in conjunction with IPDPS 2009

http://www.ece.rutgers.edu/~smtps <http://www.ece.rutgers.edu/%7Esmtps>

NEW Jan 12, 2009

23rd International Conference on Supercomputing

NEW Jan 16. 2009

HPCC-09: The 11th IEEE International Conference on High Performance
Computing and Communications

Jan 16, 2009

ISPDC'09: 8th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing

Lisbon, Portugal, June 30 - July 4, 2009


NEW Jan 20, 2009

Tenth Int. Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies


Jan 23, 2009

NOCS 2009: THE 3RD ACM/IEEE Intl. Symposium on Networks-on-Chip

May 10-13, 2009, San Diego, CA

http://circuit.ucsd.edu/~nocs2009/ <http://circuit.ucsd.edu/%7Enocs2009/>

NEW Feb 13, 2009

*14th Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing*

To be held in conjunction with IPDPS 2009 in Rome, Italy, on May 29, 2009


NEW Feb 16, 2009

SPAA'09: 21st ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures


NEW Feb 20, 2009

Service Cup 2009


NEW Feb 27, 2009

P2S2: Second International Workshop on Parallel Programming Models and
Systems Software for High-end Computing
Sept. 22nd, 2009


March 1, 2009

WADS-09: Algorithms and Data Structures Symposium

(formerly Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures)

21-23 August 2009, Banff Conference Centre,

Banff, Alberta, Canada

WWW.WADS.ORG <http://www.wads.org/>

NEW March 27, 2009 (Abstract Due)

MASCOT: 17th Annual Meeting of the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on
Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems


* *

April 14, 2009

*Cluster'09:*   2009 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing

29 August - 4 September 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Call for Journal Article

NEW Dec 1
Special Issue on Software Development for Multi-Core Computing Systems

NEW Jan 15
Special issue on "E-science", Journal of Cluster Computing
Please submit your papers to submission.papers at googlemail.com

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking
Editors-in-Chief: Michael R. Bartolacci, The Pennsylvania State University -
Berks, USA, Steven R. Powell, California State Polytechnic University,
Pomona, USA
Call for Participation

Dec 7, 2008
WASL-08: First USENIX Workshop on the Analysis of System Logs
San Diego, CA, December 7, 2008

Dec 8-10, 2008
*ICPADS 2008:** 14th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed
Melbourne, Australia
*http://www.deakin.edu.au/conferences/icpads2008/* **

Dec 10-13, 2008
ICDCIT 2008: International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet
New Delhi, India.

Dec 10-12,  2008
ISPA-08: The 2008 IEEE Intl. Symposium on Parallel and Distributed
Processing with Applications
Sydney, Australia

Dec 15-18, 2008
OPODIS'08, International Conference On Principles of Distributed Systems
Luxor, Egypt
www.opodis.net <file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/sushil/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/www.opodis.net>

Dec 17-20, 2008
*HiPC-08:** Intl. Conference on High Performance Computing*
Bangalore, India

Jan 3-6, 2009
ICDCN 2009: 10th International Conference on Distributed Computing and
Hyderabad, India

March 2-5, 2009
HPC Asia 2009: The 10th Intl Conference on High-Performance Computing in
Asia-Pacific Region
March 2~5, 2009, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

March 9-13, 2009
*Percom 2009:** Seventh Annual IEEE Intl. Conference on* Pervasive Computing
and Communications
March 9-13, 2009 Galveston, Texas

March 12-13, 2009
ICISTM-09: Third International Conference on Information Systems, Technology
and Management
IMT - Ghaziabad, New Delhi, India

April 8-10, 2009
BiCOB-09: 1st International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational
New Orleans, USA

May 25-29, 2009
*IPDPS-09:** 23rd IEEE Intl Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium*
May 25-29, 2009, Rome, Italy
Call for Proposals

NSF/CCF solicitation (No. 08-577): CISE's Division of Computing and
Communication Foundations (CCF) supports research and education projects
that develop new knowledge in three core programs:

The Algorithmic Foundations program;

The Communications and Information Foundations program; and

The Software and Hardware Foundations program.

Open Positions

*NEW Post Doctoral Associate: *This NSF sponsored position would involve
developing and implementing a new parallel programming language. Please see
http://www.upcrc.illinois.edu/ for more information. Work can start ASAP.
Experience in compiler implementation is required. Please send a cover
letter, c.v. and the names and contact information for three professional
references via e-mail to Marc Snir (msnir at illinois.edu).

*Post-doctoral Associate:* This NSF sponsored position would involve
ontologies* for neurons and neural circuits. Please see
http://neuronbank.org for more information. Funding for the position begins
in September 2008, but a later start date can be negotiated. Please send a
cover letter, c.v. and the names and contact information for three
professional references via e-mail to Paul Katz (pkatz at gsu.edu). **

*Post-doc in Web Service Process Adaptation* in the Department of Computer
Science and Software Engineering, University of Concordia, Montreal Canada.
Apply by e-mail to* Yuhong.Yan at unb.ca*.

*Post-Doc in Networking and Distributed Computing, *Department of Computer
Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo (SUNY) in conjunction with
NEC Labs of America, In anticipation for an immediate funding, we are
looking for a full-time postdoc to work in the area of  grid computing
environments, application overlay networks, virtual topology design over
optical networks, virtualizable and/or programmable networks (e.g., GENI),
and parallel and distributed systems. Applicants should email Prof. Chunming
Qiao at *qiao at computer.org*, using the subject line "Postdoc Applications",
a detailed CV, a 1-2 page research statement, and the names of at least
three references.

*Two PhD Positions in Communication Systems/Computer Architecture, *Please
see the link for more details

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