[robocup-worldwide] Call For Participation in RoboCup 2013 Rescue Virtual Robot Competitions.

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Sun Dec 16 23:20:24 EST 2012

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Dear All,

Please note that the pre-registration for the RoboCup 2013 Rescue Virtual
Robot competition in Eindhoven, The Netherlands is open.

To pre-register your team, please follow the procedure shown below.
Important dates:
Team pre-registration: February 5, 2013.
Symposium submission: March 1, 2013.
Qualification material deadline: February 28 2013.
Team qualification notification: March 5 2013.

The list of teams currently pre-registered is available at:

Registration Procedure:
The interested team must provide the following qualification material

1) Fill in the form at: http://robocup2013.btabibian.com/
2) Submit a team description paper, The paper should be accessible through
the link you provide in the form above.
A team description paper should describe your rescue robot team, the
algorithms applied in your control software, your research interests and a
summary of previous relevant work and publications. The paper must be
concise and of 8 pages maximum.
The TDP must be according to the LNCS format which can be downloaded from

Deadline for submission: *** February 5, 2013 ***

This year, we would also like to encourage the submission of short
demonstration video's. In this video we like to see you demonstrate the
skills of your system, for instance:
- the ease of usage of your operator interface
- the autonomous navigation skills of your robot
- the localization and mapping quality of your system
- the relay mechanisms in your communication system
- the additional attribution you provide about victims and map locations
The maximum duration of the video is 5 minutes. The video should be
supplied as a link to it at YouTube link.


We understand that not all groups are familiar with the Virtual Robot
competition environment UsarSim. However, new teams can either choose to
code their own algorithms from scratch or use algorithms developed on top
of the provided middl-ware like Player, MOAST, or ROS. A number of teams
have published their code on-line, which can be used as reference

Note: It is important that new teams improve upon and acknowledge previous
teams' codes. Otherwise, they will be not be qualified.

Behzad Tabibian PhD Student School of Information Sciences University of
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