[robocup-worldwide] National Committee Assembly @ RoboCup 2012

H. Levent Akin akin at boun.edu.tr
Sat May 19 15:03:47 EDT 2012

Dear RoboCup 2012 participants,

I'm writing to let you know that, like last year, we will have a
National Committee Assembly this year in Mexico City.

The meeting will probably be on Thursday, June 21st from 2-4pm.  I will
write again to let you know once the details, including location, are

Many of you are already represented by national committees, as
indicated on the RoboCup webpage at
In that case, your representative has already been invited to the

If you are from a country that is not represented, I encourage you to
get together with any other participants from your country to form a
National Committee.

The procedure for forming National Committees is included at the
bottom of this message.  Please let me know if you or someone else
from your nation is planning to attend this year's meeting.

Best Regards,

     RoboCup Trustee

RoboCup National Committees

Any nation, group of nations, or nation-sized region (henceforth
"region") with significant past and current RoboCup participation is
invited to form a "RoboCup National Committee."

The purposes of these committees are to

1) Promote RoboCup within your region
2) Organize local RoboCup events and RoboCup opens
3) Manage qualification for RoboCup leagues when slots are limited
4) Maintain RoboCup standards for scientific research and education within
your region and uphold the RoboCup mission of sharing advances through
friendly competition
5) Maintain an English website to be linked to the main RoboCup
website describing the RoboCup activities in your region

These are local events smaller than regional "open" competitions, which
should also be run with national committee participation, but must be
approved by the trustees.

For each such local event and open, national committees may at some time
in the future be asked to collect a standard RoboCup Federation
registration fee from participants and send the resulting funds to the
federation (details to be announced if/when this policy goes into

The national committee is also expected to send a report following
each event summarizing the participation and organization of the
event, including how many people and teams participated, from where,
etc.  If there are many local events in a given year, they can be
grouped together into a single annual report.

Each national committee should have a single chair who serves as the
main point of contact with the RoboCup trustees for questions that are
relevant to the region.  There should be representation on the
committee from all of the different RoboCup leagues in which your
region is active (including RoboCupJunior).  If not already
established, we encourage the national committees to initiate
formation of all aspects of RoboCup activities, including
RoboCupRescue, RoboCupJunior, and RoboCupAtHome.

To form a committee, please get together with all of the participants
from your region.  Once the list of committee members is prepared,
please contact the RoboCup trustees to let us know:

1) The members and affiliations of the committee.
2) The names, affiliations, and email addresses of all the teams
    represented by the committee (hopefully all the teams from your
3) The URL of your current webpage, if it already exists (see
    for some examples)

The Trustees will then check that all the represented teams agree to be
represented in this way, and then link the committee to the RoboCup

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