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Call for Participation
                 RoboCup 2012 Rescue Simulation League
            June 18-24, 2012 (Mexico City, Mexico)

We would like to invite all RSL teams to participate in the 2012 RoboCup
RSL World Championships.

 1)    Agent Competition
The Agent competition involves scoring competing agent coordination
algorithms on different maps of the RobocupRescue simulation platform. The
challenge in this case involves developing coordination algorithms that
will enable teams of Ambulances, Police forces, and Fire Brigades to save
as many civilians as possible and extinguish fires in a city where an
earthquake has just happened.

Teams have to individually achieve a score on chosen maps which represent
different situations (e.g., civilians and fires, major fire in one corner
of a city, blocked roads to refuges, damaged platoon agents, fire maps,
civilian maps where only fires need to be extinguished or civilians need be
saved respectively) and this will determine how they compare with other
teams. The best teams on each map are then selected to move up the various
rounds of the tournament.

2)     Infrastructure Competition
The Infrastructure competition involves evaluating tools and simulators for
simulating disaster management problems in general. Here, the intent is, to
build up realistic simulators and tools that could be used to enhance the
basic RobocupRescue simulator and expand upon it. The best tools and
simulators will be evaluated by a panel and a winner chosen accordingly.
The best tools will be selected for further integration with the simulation

This year, teams and participants should focus in the following scopes:

1. A contribution to increase the participants
2. An integration Agent and Virtual robot competition
3. Improvement for stability of server
4. Improvement for sub simulator

Duty of release
In the tdp, a team must describe a schedule for release of their result. If
the winner release their result, the prize will be sent to them.
If the team don't release, we cancel the prize of infrastructure winner.

3)   Multi Agent Challenge
  RoboCup Rescue 2012 Multi-Agent Challenge


Entries are welcome for the 2012 RoboCup Rescue Agent challenge
to be held in conjunction with the RoboCup 2012.
Participation in the challenge will consist of demonstrating efficient
algorithms for coordinating large teams of agents solving one or more of the
pre-defined challenge tasks in the Rescue Agent simulation environment.

The goal of the challenge is to provide scenarios relevant to large-scale
urban search and rescue (USAR) and disaster mitigation.
These will include performance metrics to assess technologies in the areas
of distributed and centralized multi-agent task allocation, team formation,
and path planning. The challenge comes with an open source policy designed
to encourage collaboration and the dissemination of ideas and algorithms.

The competition will include several tasks run within various scenarios.
Teams are encouraged to participate in as many tasks as possible.
Each task will be designed by a simple interface that does not require
to implement the full agent solution as needed for the main competition.
This interface could be, for example, a simple function call for assigning
agents to targets given utilities computed beforehand.
Winners in each of the individual task as well as an overall winner
will be announced. The overall winner receives an official RoboCup Rescue
challenge award.
Teams have to hand-in beforehand their team description paper (TDP) that
should explain the team's methods for addressing the announced tasks.

Envisioned tasks are, for example, the distributed and centralized
assignment of agents to targets. These targets could be either fires
to extinguish or buried civilians to rescue.
The challenge in this task is to distribute agents among the targets
in that to minimize the overall damage, i.e., either reducing  the number
of burning buildings or increasing the number of rescued civilians.
Another task will be the efficient planning of multi-agent routes
given the problem of unknown blockage of roads, also known as the
Canadian Traveler Problem.

More details can be found on the web page at

 4)   Pre-registration
For the pre-registration you need to send an email with the following
information to
faraji.farshid at gmail.com :

Team name              :
Team leader            :
Email address          :
Institution            :
City and country       :
Estimated size of team :
Competition you want to enter:
 [ ] Agent competition
 [ ] Multi-agent challenge (See call for participation below)
 [ ] Infrastructure competition

The pre-registration deadline is February 8th, no qualification materials
are required at this stage. A list of pre-registered teams will be published
regularly at http://www.roborescue.sf.net

5)   Qualification:
For qualification, each team is required to submit a team description paper
(TDP) for each competition entry. Information about the submission procedure
will be sent to the pre-registered teams and to the mailing list at a later
stage. Qualification deadline is March 1st.

6) Rule and Package
In the RoboCup 2012, we will keep the RoboCup 2010's rules and package.
But  minor changes maybe added.
We will announce final rule and package by qualification deadline.

7)  RoboCup Rescue: Communication Library
This library is a "Communication Library".
By using this library teams can share a part of their source code, easily.
This library provides the communication protocol between agents and center.
We recommend teams to use this library:

8) Important Dates
Team Pre-Registration Deadline: February 8, 2012
Team Qualification Deadline: March 1, 2012
Early Registration: March 1 – April 30, 2012
Regular Registration: May 1 – May 31, 2012 (No team registration
accepted after May 31)
Late registration: June 1 – June 23, 2012
Team Setup: June 18 & 19, 2012
Competitions: June 20 – 23, 2012 (Final June 23)
Symposium: June 24, 2012

We hope to welcome you all in Mexico City.

With Best regards,

The 2012 RoboCup RSL Organizing and Technical committees
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