[robocup-nao] SPL Rule Draft for 2012

Stefan Tasse stefan.tasse at tu-dortmund.de
Fri Dec 30 12:39:44 EST 2011

Dear SPL Teams,

the discussion about next year's rules is still ongoing in the TC, and 
not all details are finalized, yet. However, we want to give you an idea 
about the major changes, so I uploaded the current rule draft for you to 
have a look, and so you can prepare and start planning:

To give a short summary about the most important points:
The field size and the number of robots on the field will be the same as 
in 2011. However, we will modify the field in 2012 to have two yellow 
goals, which effects the rules in several sections. With those decisions 
we try to take into account both the preferences of the majority of the 
teams, as well as the necessary progress of our league.
Other changes are minor so far.

Please keep in mind that this document is only a draft, it is still 
subject to change.

Have a good New Year!

Stefan Tasse

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