[robocup-nao] SPL Open Challenge results (updated)

Stefan Czarnetzki stefan.czarnetzki at tu-dortmund.de
Tue Jul 12 07:08:33 EDT 2011

Hi everybody,

the final result of the Open Challenge is as follows:

1. RoboEireann - 142
2. Noxious-Kouretes - 139
3. rUNSWift - 120

This differs from what we announced during the final team leader 
meeting. I apologize for this. This has been a simple mistake which 
happened due to the pressure during the final RoboCup days, the very 
stuffed schedule, the lack of time, the lack of available TC members at 
that point in time and the resulting neglect of precise double checking 
by multiple persons. This has been corrected by now. I apologize for the 
confusion. We will establish a more automated procedure for this for 
next RoboCup.

I see the Open Challenge as a way to allow and stimulate the league's 
creativity, and to prove the feasibility of many difficult tasks which 
might directly influence the league's direction and progress. I 
congratulate RoboEireann, and I'm happy and proud that we could see that 
many impressive presentations of really interesting topics.

Best regards,
(on behalf of the TC)

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