[robocup-nao] GameController updated

Thomas Röfer Thomas.Roefer at dfki.de
Tue Jun 28 04:00:47 EDT 2011


a new version of the GameController has been uploaded to the SPL website. Most of the changes concern GameController operators, one might concern your code.

- The GameController now has a checkbox to make it "state safe". When activated, all game state buttons are deactivated that should not be reachable from the current game state according to the rules. The only addition is a transition from Finish to Initial. In the penalty shootout, only Set, Play, and Finish are selectable. Note that there is no guarantee that the robots will receive all state changes, in particular if states are only activated for a very short time. The checkbox is activated by default.

- In the penalty shootout, the transition from Finish to Set switches the teams.

- In the penalty shootout, only the team that has kick-off (the red team) can score. 

- Taking a timeout will give the kick-off to the other team.

- The GameController return packet now supports sending an alive signal (GAMECONTROLLER_RETURN_MSG_ALIVE). If the GameController receives such a packet, it will activate status indicators on all player buttons of that team. The color of the indicators shows how long it has been since the last alive signal was received (green: < 1.5s, yellow: < 2.5s, red: >= 2.5s). Such packets should only be sent if a robot actually received a packet from the GameController and probably not more often than twice a second. Note that the GameController sometimes repeats a packet several times, so answering to each GameController packet will jam the network. As before, implementing the return packet is optional (but more useful now).

Other changes to the file RoboCupGameControlData.h only concern the Humanoid League.

- Thomas

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