[robocup-nao] Call for participation to Robostadium 2011

Yvan Bourquin yvan.bourquin at cyberbotics.com
Mon Apr 11 10:26:06 EDT 2011

Call for Participation

Robotstadium 2011, on-line Robocup SPL simulation


Robotstadium is an on-line programming contest based on the rules of
the RoboCup Standard Platform League (SPL). Robotstadium uses a
realistic simulation of the Nao robot and of the SPL soccer field.
Each competitor must program a team of Nao robots using Java, C/C++,
or Python. The teams compete in on-line matches that take place on the
Robotstadium server.
The Robotstadium contest is organized by Cyberbotics; it is free and
open to everyone.

This competition offers interesting challenges in computer vision,
humanoid locomotion and collective intelligence. It is a great
opportunity to program humanoid robots without the need for actual
robot hardware. By entering this competition you will demonstrate not
only your programming skills, but also, your talent to design a
successful strategy.

The Robotstadium contest has just started and it can be joined at any
time. Teams can download the latest Webots version (6.3.4) and start
programming today. The 2011 finals will take place on-line during the
week from July 4 (Monday) to July 8 (Friday).

To register you need to create a Robotstadium account and upload your
controller code. As soon as your code is uploaded your team will take
part to the daily matches. Webots can be downloaded from here:


A round of matches will be played every week day (Mon-Fri) starting at
2:00 pm CEST (Central European Summer Time). The matches can be
watched on our live-cam every day from 2 pm.

Good luck

Yvan Bourquin

Yvan Bourquin
Software Engineer
Cyberbotics Ltd.
+41 21 69 38624

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