[robocup-nao] GameController 2011 (update)

Thomas Röfer Thomas.Roefer at dfki.de
Wed Mar 9 06:23:54 EST 2011

Dear teams,

the previous update of the GameController introduced a bug in handling the penalty shootout. It was an unfortunate side effect of changes made for the Humanoid League after the final SPL release of the GameController2010. 

I uploaded a new version to the SPL website that is identical to the version the SPL used last year plus the increase of the number of players to four (and the new logos of course).

- Thomas

Am 14.02.2011 um 11:37 schrieb Thomas Röfer:

> Dear teams,
> a new version of the GameController has been uploaded to the SPL website.
> It appeared that the previous version could not be configured to work with four robots per team, because the option "-n" had no effect.
> The new version also comes with the logos of the teams that participate in RoboCup 2011. The team numbers specified in the config/spl/teams.cfg have the same sequence as the teams on the SPL website.
> Have fun!
> - Thomas
> (B-Human)

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