[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Density Estimation Tree made sparse-enabled (#802)

Ryan Curtin notifications at github.com
Tue Nov 1 15:21:49 EDT 2016

Merge done, thanks for the contribution!  I like the idea about making it easier to use either dense or sparse types depending on the given filename.  I think we will need to think about it additionally though, so maybe it is worth opening a ticket for or something.  For instance, if I pass in "coordinate_list.csv", I can either load it as a 3xN dense matrix or an RxC sparse matrix... I can't autodetect which is right.  In the context of a C++ program, it is probably better to let the user select what they want by using either `data::Load<arma::mat>()` or `data::Load<arma::sp_mat>()`.  But for the command-line programs, it would be nice if the user had a way to specify whether their matrix was sparse or dense and use the correct type then (`boost::variant` could be used there, or just some other template solution).  I wonder if maybe it is easier to allow the user to specify file type by appending `:sparse` or `:dense` to their filename, like `-i coordinate_list.csv:sparse`.  Anyway, maybe this is discussion for another place.  I am open to ideas as long as they are clean, as always. :)

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