[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] NEAT algorithm (#752)

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Mon Aug 29 03:03:20 EDT 2016

@BangLiu pushed 16 commits.

da55507  revised comment style, bracket style etc. Have strange compile error.
beb8ba8  rebuild, solved compile problem. Add default constructors back. Without default constructor, there will have errors.
3b66431  Revised the style of all current code
9480379  revised some tiny styles
4483fc8  Revised NeuronGene to add aCoordinate. Tests all previous testings and passed.
190e639  Revised neat.hpp. NeuronInnovation considers activation function type. Revised MutateAddNode to be able to random select activation type.
4cd0054  Implemented first version of Hyperneat.
668fa6e  revised HyperNEAT. No inheritance.
62d5885  Solved bugs. Implemented XOR test. Not pass. Need debug.
e176571  in the progress of debugging XOR test
dec32ac  Find important bug in Activate()! revised. Still not pass hyperneat xor.
bc178c3  small change.
432331b  Solved the duplicated link bug. Changed MutateAddNeuron. Still not pass HyperNEAT XOR. fitness stop at 1.0
0944516  Make the new neuron type random when add new neuron. Still not pass xor.
d66bb14  Revised naming style
9949d29  changed naming style

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