[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Modeling LSH For Performance Tuning (#749)

Yannis Mentekidis notifications at github.com
Sun Aug 21 10:06:20 EDT 2016

@rcurtin: This is a first "working" version, in the sense that the algorithm is now complete.

I didn't implement the optimization over the parameter space, I want to be able to test it module-by-module. This current version has, instead, a Predict() function that accepts specific LSH parameters and predicts a recall and selectivity value.

I also didn't use boost's integration functions yet, though I have my code set up for them to be plugged in (see the IntegralObjective class inside LSHModel, for example). Instead I use a simple rectangle method to calculate the integrals.

>From the few test runs I did, it looks like it's hyper-confident, always giving good recall and low selectivity. I'll test it more extensively, there's not guarantee I didn't mess something up :)

Let me know if you have suggestions / comments, or if you find any bugs!

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