[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] General greedy traverser. (#762)

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Tue Aug 16 04:44:52 EDT 2016

Hi @rcurtin 
I have implemented the general: `GreedySingleTreeTraverser`, as discussed in https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/issues/761.
I needed to modify the NeighborSearch class, to consider a enum type, as was proposed in: https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/issues/750
Also, I implemented a new command line option: "--greedy"
I think it is ready to be merged!
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Use enum type to define the different search modes (Closes #750).
  * Remove ambiguity in constructors.
  * Add GreedySingleTreeTraverser.
  * Add GetNearestChild() and GetFurthestChild() methods.
  * Add a new method GetBestChild() to SortPolicies.
  * Define a general GreedySingleTreeTraverser.
  * Add support for Greedy Single Tree Search, inside NeighborSearch class.
  * Define SearchMode outside NeighborSearch class, to it can be used by NSModel.
  * Update NSModel to consider different Search Modes.
  * Update knn/kfn methods and tests, to consider NeighborSearchMode.

-- File Changes --

    M src/mlpack/core/tree/CMakeLists.txt (2)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/binary_space_tree/binary_space_tree.hpp (18)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/binary_space_tree/binary_space_tree_impl.hpp (48)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/cover_tree/cover_tree.hpp (18)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/cover_tree/cover_tree_impl.hpp (63)
    A src/mlpack/core/tree/greedy_single_tree_traverser.hpp (52)
    A src/mlpack/core/tree/greedy_single_tree_traverser_impl.hpp (49)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/rectangle_tree/rectangle_tree.hpp (18)
    M src/mlpack/core/tree/rectangle_tree/rectangle_tree_impl.hpp (70)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/kfn_main.cpp (22)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/knn_main.cpp (22)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/neighbor_search.hpp (125)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/neighbor_search_impl.hpp (487)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/neighbor_search_rules.hpp (8)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/neighbor_search_rules_impl.hpp (8)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/ns_model.hpp (34)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/ns_model_impl.hpp (128)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/sort_policies/furthest_neighbor_sort.hpp (11)
    M src/mlpack/methods/neighbor_search/sort_policies/nearest_neighbor_sort.hpp (12)
    M src/mlpack/tests/aknn_test.cpp (14)
    M src/mlpack/tests/knn_test.cpp (14)

-- Patch Links --


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