[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Random projection trees (#726)

MarcosPividori notifications at github.com
Fri Aug 5 11:11:11 EDT 2016

Continuing with my previous comment:

I think we have 3 independent decisions to make, when building a binary space tree:
 + **Which kind of splitting Hyperplane:** *Axis-Orthogonal*, or *General* (not necessarily Axis-Orthogonal).
 + **How to choose the hyperplane:** *Random* or *Widest range* (the one with widest range of projection values).
 + **Which Splitting value we wil consider:** *MidPoint value*, *Mean value*, *Median Value*.

Every combination is valid, for example:
 + *Axis-Orthogonal - Random - MidPoint*.
 + *General - Widest range - Mean Value*.
 + *Axis-Orthogonal - Widest range - Median Value*.
 + etc.

Now, for Spill Trees, I conside all the combinations between Hyperplane type and Splitting Value, as 2 template parameters. We could add a third template parameter that represents the criterion to choose the hyperplane, between Random and Widest range.

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