[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Major changes to solve issue: #275. (#624)

Naman Taneja notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 18 14:30:20 EDT 2016

That is the exact strategy which I am following. The advantage is that all the nodes will be processed in linear order and thus the descendants will be arranged in order in the dataset.
However, I am facing a problem in this. Say when we find the near and far set for the newPointIndex, it distributes the dataset as [childNearSet | childFarSet | other remaining set]. And after child node construction, it becomes [childUsedSet | childUnusedFarSet | other remaining set]. The problem is we need the set to look like [childUsedSet | nearSetLeft | farSetLeft], but we don't know which are near and which are far nodes. Currently, I am trying to find a optimal approach to segregate the data.
Since my exams are starting I may not be able to complete the changes in the coming week. I will try my best to complete it in the next week.

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