[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] disabled CPP 11, getting an error (#610)

Jude Mukundane notifications at github.com
Mon Apr 11 11:20:42 EDT 2016

Hello guys, again, I start by saying am not good with C++. 

I was getting a bunch of errors that I eventually figured were as a result of some methods being called from the std namespace. A little poking around informed that these methods are in std for c++ 11, but not earlier versions. 

I added this block to config.hpp, went back to armadillo and 'made (ran 'make' command), and was able to proceed some more:

**`#if !defined(ARMA_DONT_USE_CXX11)
 #define ARMA_DONT_USE_CXX11
//// Uncomment the above line to forcefully disable use of C++11 features (eg. initialiser lists).

but now I have come across an error of same nature, possibly implying that I need to go back to C++ 11  as follows:

**/mlpack-master/src/mlpack/core/math/columns_to_blocks.cpp:30:32: error: ‘round’ is not a member of ‘std’**

I know that going to 11 will definitely break the other files. Should I edit 'columns_to_blocks.cpp' to use the suggestions that the compiler is giving me? Please see attached capture.

PS: Am doing this on windows 10, 64 bit version, if this is any help.


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