[mlpack-git] [mlpack/mlpack] Bugfix #350 and some fixes in RStarTreeSplit and XTreeSplit (#556)

lozhnikov notifications at github.com
Sun Apr 10 02:21:21 EDT 2016

I see two posiibilities:
1. I can fix `SplitNonLeafNode()` in such a way as to work up the case when a node has only one child and has'not got the parent (i.e. this is the root). So `CondenseTree()` should invoke this method in the case discussed.
2. The second way is to create a new method in `SplitType` e.g. `CondenseToRoot()` and invoke this method in `CondenseTree()`.

I think the second one is better. The `normalNodeMaxNumChildren` was introduced in order to reduce memory usage since the leaf nodes do not contain children and the parent of a leaf node can be a supernode. So if I split a leaf node, the resulting nodes should not allocate the space like the parent of the leaf node.

What do you think about it?

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