[mlpack-git] [mlpack] Enhance SoftmaxRegression (#457)

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Tue Sep 29 00:40:16 EDT 2015

1 : remove inputSize from the constructors and data member
2 : provide static function initializeWeight to simplify constructor task
3 : change labels from arma::vec to arma::Row<size_t>
4 : update test cases

The labels of the SoftmaxRegressionFunction still need to be stored, else InitializeWeights() do not know the number of labels
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-- Commit Summary --

  * 1 : remove inputSize from the constructors and data member

-- File Changes --

    M src/mlpack/methods/softmax_regression/softmax_regression.hpp (21)
    M src/mlpack/methods/softmax_regression/softmax_regression_function.cpp (40)
    M src/mlpack/methods/softmax_regression/softmax_regression_function.hpp (34)
    M src/mlpack/methods/softmax_regression/softmax_regression_impl.hpp (30)
    M src/mlpack/tests/softmax_regression_test.cpp (53)

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