[mlpack-git] [mlpack] Cnn work around (#453)

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Tue Sep 22 21:18:08 EDT 2015

Use work around to fix the compile time error of vc2015(this fix could past the unit test)

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-- Commit Summary --

  * improve speed of SparseAutoencoder and make it more flexible
  * fix example of sparse_autoencoder
  * reduce the cost of construction and destruction of the layers
  * refine the example; the size of the basis should not too big
  * refine the example
  * refine the example
  * can use Greedy parameters to determine the Gradient should omit some repeated calculation or not
  * add test cases of modified SparseAutoEncoder
  * add test
  * change the name of test suite to avoid definition confliction
  * change boost test header to avoid build issue
  * use work around to fix the compile time error of cnn(internal error occur)

-- File Changes --

    A src/mlpack/methods/ann/activation_functions/lazy_logistic_function.hpp (90)
    M src/mlpack/methods/ann/cnn.hpp (30)
    A src/mlpack/methods/ann/sparse_autoencoder_function.hpp (407)
    M src/mlpack/tests/CMakeLists.txt (1)
    A src/mlpack/tests/sparse_autoencoder_test_2.cpp (278)

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