[mlpack-git] [mlpack] Fix drop out layer (#463)

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Wed Oct 21 16:07:00 EDT 2015

Sorry for my misunderstanding, I should open an issue before I treat it as a bug next time.

>So instead of using the constructor list or the else case of the forward pass, we could set the ratio at the beginning of the forward pass

Do you mean you want to set the ration when you call the Forward function?

    template<typename eT>
    void Forward(const arma::Mat<eT>& input, arma::Mat<eT>& output)
      ratio = 0.5;

But how could the user setup the ration under this case?

> One problem I see with the solution is that a change of the probability of setting a value to zero (ratio) has no effect

What about do the value checking when construct the dropout layer(at runtime)?
Or write down the preconditions on the comments if you do not want to do any runtime check(ask the users do not set ratio as 1.0 or 0.0)
Maybe there are better solutions there, but these are what I could come up with now.

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