[mlpack-git] [mlpack] [Proposal]Develop a scalable Finetune class to fine tune the paramters of deep network (#458)

stereomatchingkiss notifications at github.com
Wed Oct 7 00:18:49 EDT 2015

I do some change on the api of FineTuneGradient, this api may provide better optimization codes

    class SoftmaxFineTune
      template<typename T>
      static void LastGradient(arma::mat const &input,
                               arma::mat const &weights,
                               T const &model,
                               arma::mat &gradient)
            gradient = (weights.t() * model.Probabilities()) /
            gradient = gradient % (input % (1 - input));

        static void Gradient(arma::mat const &input,
                             arma::mat const &weight,
                             arma::mat const &deriv,
                             arma::mat &output)
            output = (weight.t() * deriv) % (input % (1 - input));

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