[mlpack-git] [mlpack] Getting started - xmllib2, libmlpack.so.1 and "undefined reference to mlpack" issue (Solutions to ticket 357, 348, 268) (#402)

Ryan Curtin notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 11 22:59:21 EST 2015

The compilation issue with libxml2 is outstanding and needs to be resolved one way or another; there's already an issue open for that: #315 

If you're having trouble with installing mlpack, why not install from the Ubuntu repositories directly?  That is very much easier, and then libmlpack.so ends up in your linker's search path (in /usr/lib/ or similar, depending on the distribution) and the headers end up in the compiler's search path (in /usr/include/).  You still need to link against mlpack, but that's basic gcc knowledge.

I can't really incorporate anything here into the documentation; a lot of the paths you've suggested are specific to either your distribution or your install, and manually adding a hidden file to your ld.so.conf.d/ just for mlpack is not always the best solution, especially if you start installing lots of things in /usr/local/, like newer (or different) versions of system libraries, which can lead to the wrong library being loaded at runtime and eventual disaster (again, depending on the system, the modifications to the runtime linker configuration, and so forth).  Plus, the README.md file (in the master branch, at least) does mention that you may need to manually set your linker's search path with `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` (or something else, as usual, depending on the specifics of the system configuration).

If you find specific information in the wiki that's misleading or incorrect, please, open an issue so we can address it, but I really want to avoid hard-coding distribution-specific documentation, as it is subject to change---and when the distributions do change how they do things (which is quite often), then our documentation is out of date and users get confused...

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