[mlpack-git] [mlpack] Building mlpack through homebrew | Errors (#403)

Ryan Curtin notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 11 22:46:36 EST 2015

These warnings are expected.  The tests check that loading from HDF5 fails when Armadillo is compiled without HDF5 support.  I've committed a fix to disable the `[WARN ]` output.  Thanks for pointing that out.  mlpack does not explicitly require libhdf5; instead, if Armadillo is compiled with HDF5 support (if ARMA_USE_HDF5 is enabled in config.hpp), then mlpack will use the HDF5 functionality.  If Armadillo is not compiled with HDF5 support, then mlpack won't make use of it.  So I'm not sure what the downstream issue is, or if they're just confused by the warnings, but hopefully my changes will help for the next release.  If I can help clarify anything about mlpack in that effort, please let me know.

I don't know what Jenkins build you are referring to.  None of the Jenkins builds are on OS X.  There is an issue with loading and saving that I introduced and need to look into, but have not had time to fix yet.  Also, the Jenkins builds test the current master branch in git, which is significantly different than the 1.0.12 release that you updated for homebrew-science.

Often it is far easier to just install mlpack via your package manager.  It is only for local installs that you have to start worrying about things like `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` and manually selecting include directories (the libxml2 issue aside, which is an open issue that needs to be fixed).  mlpack is packaged for Debian (and derivatives) and Fedora, and I think also Arch and Gentoo and numerous other minor distributions.  Anyway, I think that if you're doing local installs, then it should be reasonable to expect some reasonable familiarity with the intricacies of using shared libraries and linkers.

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