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#269: gcc4.8 (c++11) compiling issue
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Comment (by bianjiang):

 Found the problem. Looks like the fish-fish shell screwed my $PATH
 setting, and was looking at the clang compiler the first time when I ran
 the cmake, and I didn't clean the cache and re-run cmake with the correct
 $PATH pointing to gcc rather than clang.

 Eventually, did clean the build folder and run the following



 A side note, it's not a issue, but just something I thought it will be
 I think it might be a good idea to make a wrapper around the armadillo
 library. The reason is that people might have different preference
 (sometime not a choice) of the underline matrix libraries.

 For example, my current situation is I am already using alglib in many
 other parts of my project (calculating personalized pagerank, etc.),
 because I need a library to do both linear algebra and differential
 equations, which alglib does pretty well. I generally don't like the idea
 of having different libraries in the same project do pretty much the same
 thing... but apparently, i don't have a choice now...

 Just something you might want to consider :)

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