[mlpack-svn] [MLPACK] #311: a problem about mlpack::util::CLIDeleter::CLIDeleter()'

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Sun Dec 8 15:14:52 EST 2013

#311: a problem about mlpack::util::CLIDeleter::CLIDeleter()'
  Reporter:  s_mr66              |        Owner:  rcurtin 
      Type:  defect              |       Status:  accepted
  Priority:  major               |    Milestone:          
 Component:  mlpack              |   Resolution:          
  Keywords:  clideleter, linker  |     Blocking:          
Blocked By:                      |  
Changes (by rcurtin):

  * keywords:  => clideleter, linker
  * owner:  => rcurtin
  * status:  new => accepted


 Hello there,

 Can you give a little more information?  What commands did you use to
 build your program?  Where is mlpack 1.0.7 installed?  My first guess is
 that there are two versions of libmlpack.so present on your system and
 that the linker is linking against the wrong version.



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