[mlpack-svn] [MLPACK] #274: Tree support for instantiated metrics is not standardized

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#274: Tree support for instantiated metrics is not standardized
 Reporter:  rcurtin  |        Owner:                                           
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  new                                      
 Priority:  major    |    Milestone:  mlpack 1.1.0                             
Component:  mlpack   |     Keywords:  tree, metrics, covertree, binaryspacetree
 Blocking:  273      |   Blocked By:  246                                      
 Many mlpack methods use trees, but there is not a standardized API for
 what the constructors for the trees look like.  We should have a
 consistent constructor which takes an instantiated metric, in addition to
 one that does not:

 TreeType(MatType& dataset);
 TreeType(MatType& dataset, MetricType& metric);

 Then any optional tree-specific parameters can be added to those

 Remember that reverse-incompatible changes should not be made until 1.1.0
 is released.

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