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#243: Dual cover tree traverser is quite slow
  Reporter:  rcurtin                                        |        Owner:              
      Type:  defect                                         |       Status:  new         
  Priority:  major                                          |    Milestone:  mlpack 1.0.4
 Component:  mlpack                                         |   Resolution:              
  Keywords:  cover tree, dualtreetraverser, neighborsearch  |     Blocking:              
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Comment (by rcurtin):

 For a simpler test case (reference = test_data_3_1000.csv, query =
 test_data_3_1000.csv), with k = 5, here are the number of base case

  * mlpack, naive: 1000000
  * mlpack, single kd-tree: 49888
  * mlpack, dual kd-tree: 50442
  * mlpack, single cover tree: 127838
  * mlpack, dual cover tree: 189628
  * jl, dual cover tree: 83962

 Also some other information:

  * jl, dual cover tree construction: 91600
  * mlpack, dual cover tree construction: 14290

 Those numbers are the distance evaluations for both tree constructions
 (so, half that for the per-dataset cover tree construction evaluations).

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