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#164: Standardized concept for class output to Log
  Reporter:  rcurtin                                  |        Owner:  trironk3    
      Type:  wishlist                                 |       Status:  accepted    
  Priority:  major                                    |    Milestone:  mlpack 1.1.0
 Component:  mlpack                                   |   Resolution:              
  Keywords:  mlpack output model type consistent api  |     Blocking:              
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Comment (by trironk3):

 The namespace for the Indent method is mlpack::util.

 I've started implementing ToString methods, but there's quite a few
 classes, and I don't think I'll get to all of them. I'm going by
 namespace, and I'll note the namespaces that I finish with here, so that
 the next person can pick up where I left off.

 We might have an issue with templated classes - it seems obscenely
 difficult to get access to the reader-friendly name of a template
 typename. I encountered this in tree/ballbound, trying to print out Vec.
 We can still print out center, which is interesting because it is an
 object of the type specified the the template parameter. I suspect that if
 we try to pass in an MLPACK object as the template parameter, things will
 break. The only way to fix this that I can think of is to use SFINAE, but
 that might get ugly fast.

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